Why It’s More Than Tea!

So today begins It’s More Than Tea­—because it’s always more than tea, right?

Now when, say, you go to a restaurant and order a soda, you get just that and you can immediately quaff it. Coffee­—you may add the sugar and cream and stir, but then you’re good to go. But hot tea? You usually gotta make it yourself! That is:  you have to open the teabag packet, brew the tea, remove the teabag (and figure out where to gracefully put the sodden thing). There are steps, there is a waiting period. There is time for reflection (hmmm, this tea seems to have very little color or aroma; I should’ve waited to make tea at home). There is a ritual.

And embedded in that ritual is culture. And history (with intrigue and competition).  The tea industry. And science, health, research. Art.

Tea—and all that it encompasses—is an ever-expanding and dynamic world, which I will explore here. Nearly daily we read about the latest health benefits of tea—and there truly are many; what is the science behind the claims? How do world events past and present affect the tea industry? What about kids and tea? Look here for relevant and succinct information that you will want to know.

Globally, as a beverage, tea is second only to water, which is not at all surprising with the innumerable tea varieties and flavor sensations that abound. Do you want warm and comforting? Icy and refreshing? Subtle or in your face, smooth or crisp or astringent? So many teas to discover! I’ll take a look at the various types of loose leaf teas and at the astonishing spectrum of colors and flavors and sources—and help you discover your very favorites.

So whether we think beverage, ceremony, country—it’s more than tea.

A word about credentials:

I’ve been fortunate to have had several—related—careers in my life. I began in scientific research labs, then moved to editing and publishing scholarly monographs, all the while drinking tea. Eventually my love of tea and my love of research collided and here I am, working at TeaHaus in Ann Arbor, Michigan, while delving into all things tea! And so, my research- and science-based background along with Lisa’s expertise as tea sommelier (and founder and owner of TeaHaus) will inform our odyssey together.


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