Tea and Weather Pairings

Spring flowers have come early to our neck of the woods, always a welcome thing.

But that also means that for those of us who lispring flower:teave in this Great Lakes state, we face weeks of vacillation—dare we put away snow shovels and winter clothes and flannel sheets? How long can we put off cleaning up the yard?

And while weather in Michigan is always (always!) in transition, these early spring months are especially fickle. Shorts and tee shirt and grilling outdoors one minute—and then tugging on a heavy coat and mulling over gloves and scarf!

Winter months here definitely require hot teas that are substantial and comforting. But the wild weather fluctuations of early spring call for flexibility: a solid breakfast tea on today’s 38° morning but a light and fruity blend for the 60° afternoon.

irisThat is the magic of tea! There are endless options—black or oolong; green or white; rooibos, herbal, or fruit. Hot, iced, carbonated.

Tea and food pairings might be all the rage, but tea and weather pairings are decisions that we make on an hourly basis!

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