What Tea Do I Drink for a Sore Throat?

vata-brewedIt is never a good time to succumb to any nasty virus making the rounds. I mean never!

While the being-sick part is bad enough, the feeling-better-and-then-looking-at-the-[insert your nemesis here]-piled-up is enough to drive anyone back to bed.

But for those of us in the sore throat phase of some virus, what tea do we reach for? What soothes and coats the throat?

Vata may prove an ideal tea.

This Ayurvedic herbal tea is naturally caffeine vata-wetfree—in no way interrupting your sleep!

The thicker, creamy body of Vata tea coats your throat, and its sweet licorice and anise aroma and flavor are smooth and soothing.

This herbal mix contains licorice, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, anise, and mallow blossoms—and we know that spices such as cinnamon and ginger boost the immune system and are antioxidant and antibacterial. In fact, when  heated, the antibacterial benefit of cinnamon increases.


Ayurveda simply means the science or knowledge of life. Emerging from India’s ancient Vedic period, this Hindu system of medicine focuses on balancing our body’s systems through diet, herbs, breathing exercise, and lifestyle. Long recognized in India as a formal system of medicine, research continues within this rich tradition and the Western world has begun to take note.

Ayurveda describes three energy types that operate in our bodies. These energies or doshas—from Sanskrit “fault, disease”—are still known by their Sanskrit names, including Vata, the energy of movement.

And while you may not feel like moving while in the throes of a virus, sit back, relax, sip Vata, and maybe life will come back into balance.

The Vata tea pictured here is available at TeaHaus.com.

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