What Tea Do I Drink for a Fever?

montage pitta_blog.jpgSo having drunk lots of Vata herbal tea for my sore throat—hoping to stave off anything worse—no such luck.

Fever sets in.

And next in line of the three Ayurvedic herbal teas is Pitta.

Pitta is one of my favorite herbals, with or without a virus brewing!

This pretty tea includes green mint and raspberry leaves and pale yellow-green lemon grass, sprinkled with pink and purple petals. The colorful blossoms really stand out when the tea is brewed!

Why this tea when running a fever?

Because its cooling and bright peppermint flavor is just right—light body, with a slight lemony undertone.

It cools, it refreshes, it soothes, but it never overpowers.

And for a greater pop of flavor, try this tisane iced.

As I wrote in my last post, the Ayurvedic system of medicine been practiced since antiquity. With its focus on balancing our bodily systems, it is all about health and living well.

In this tradition, the Pitta dosha or energy is the metabolic system; fire + water; achievement, action, passion.

Pitta tea serves as a cooling and soothing counterbalance.

Mint—with its heady scent and invigorating flavor—has also been valued since antiquity. It was tossed into baths, used in food and beverages, taken medicinally, and served as a symbol of hospitality in many regions of the world.

The herb’s cooling effect is due to menthol, an essential oil. When menthol binds to receptors on sensory neurons, calcium ions move into the cells, sending a “cool” message to the brain.

So whether running an actual fever or running a feverish pace in life, Pitta wonderfully cools!


The Pitta Ayurvedic herbal tea pictured here is available at TeaHaus. The tea contains lemon grass, mint, raspberry leaves, cardamom, licorice, mallow petals, and rose petals.

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