Aaarrrghh! Can Tea Rescue This Day?

There are days and then there are days and then there are those days! And we’ve all had them. You know the drill.

I am going to quit my job and leave my family and sell my possessions and get rid of my car and start a new life in a new place and be a minimalist so that I don’t own anything that ever has to be repaired or that requires reading an owner’s manual that I don’t understand and I never have to answer another question and I never ever have to figure out why Alexa never understands the question I am asking her.

Yep, those days.


YES!!!!!!!! (Sometimes, you just need a lot.)

desk and tea


2 thoughts on “Aaarrrghh! Can Tea Rescue This Day?

  1. Seriously?  Tea?  Those kind of days are wine days not tea days.  Maybe whiskey days.   Lots of whiskey or wine!!!  Oh have a tea as well……  Why not..Gary

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