How We Get Our Tea: From Truck to Cup

You overslept; you had to wait for a train on your drive in to work; it started pouring, just when the car in front of you pulled into the last parking space that was even remotely close to your building. And then you find that your go-to tea is out of stock!

So when our shipment of tea arrived at TeaHaus truckthis morning, there was palpable excitement—on our part and on the part of our customers.

I am not exaggerating here. This is serious stuff. (Upon learning that we would no longer be able to get one of our favorite teas, there were tears and wailing!)

The Tea Truck Cometh

TeaHaus teas are shipped from Germany—after undergoing rigorous testing for pesticide and heavy metal residue (none of that is allowed in these teas) and for quality. Once they clear customs, they arrive in Ann Arbor by semi, on pallets.

pellet and boxes
Bringing . . . a Whole Lot of Work

Many large and unpacking and storingunwieldy—and oftentimes heavy—boxes need to be unpacked.

For delicate teas such as white teas, each bag of tea is shipped in its own cardboard box so that the tea leaves are not crushed in any way. But every one of those boxes needs to be opened.

Bags of more durable teas are simply placed into the shipping boxes. These bags are tin-lined, ensuring that the tea doesn’t pick up moisture or odors, and protecting the tea from light.

After verifying that the box contents are correct, the bags go into storage or on our wall.

and TEA! (which makes it all worthwhile)

The best part of all this is opening a new bag of tea and pouring it into a tin from our tea wall. The aroma is amazing!

The tins keep the tea fresh and protected from light.

Also, each tin is dedicated to a particular tea because the tin will pick up the tea’s aroma. It is crucial that the tea not be compromised by being stored in anything that will alter its flavor.

filling tintin on wall

The tins are stored on our Tea Wall, ordered by tea type:

Black Classic, Black Aroma, Oolong Classic, Oolong Aroma, Yellow, Green Classic, Green Aroma, Black and Green, White Classic, White Aroma, Decaf, Rooibos, Fruit, Herbal, and Ayurvedic Herbal.


truck to cup

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