Tea Leaves Blended with Coffee Beans. Really.

When this is placed before you, well, who needs anything else?dessert-webBut truly, a solid tea serves as a wonderful counterpoint to this dessert’s sweet richness. And here at Cupán Tae—located in Ireland’s captivating city of Galway—there are many fine choices.

While I went with the sturdy, no-nonsense Irish Breakfast, my far more adventurous daughter opted for Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea—and more than one bag of this decidedly dreamy creamy brew found its way home with us!tea-pkg-lt-webBlended specifically for Cupán Tae, Dreamy Creamy Galway Tea is definitely not your typical loose leaf tea blend!

Here, black tea leaves are sprinkled with jasmine blossoms—and whole roasted coffee beans.

brew_lt-webWhen brewed, the tea yields a dark copper cup and offers up a nutty, sweet aroma that is strong and warm.

So what do tea leaves and coffee beans together taste like?

Surprisingly perhaps, no one flavor dominates.

Rather, the elements balance well, with a pleasant nuttiness. The coffee beans seem to give a roasted note to the tea, while the jasmine results in a bit of sweetness.

I was not expecting to enjoy a beverage that combines tea leaves with coffee beans. All tea drinkers know that putting coffee into your travel mug, for example, means that you will never again be able to use that mug for tea! But this brew has a nice balance, with roasted, rather than coffee, notes, particularly when hot. I did find that as the tea cooled, I could taste a hint of coffee.

Intrigued? Give it a try! At their charming Galway location or the Cupán Tae website.

Cupan tae tea shop(And by the way, if you are baffled about their name spelled “Cupãn” on the storefront and “Cupán” on the tea packaging, so am I.)

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