How Many Types of Tea Do You Have in Your Cupboard? (I’m guessing not 64)

I suppose the average person has a couple different kinds of loose leaf tea in their cupboard . . . which means that the thirty-some here are probably a bit much.myriad teas in pantry
And the fact that this is only half of what’s actually in my cupboard . . . well, there can be lots of valid reasons/defenses for harboring so much tea!

  • Some of this is my daughter’s. Really.
  • People give me tea.
  • I keep trying new teas.
  • Some of these are better iced, some are better in the winter, some are caffeine free, some go better with food, you get the picture.

When I inventoried what I had, I found that I fully covered black, oolong, green, and white teas, both with aromas and the classics. Further, I have rooibos, fruit, and herbal teas. Plus a decaf black aroma. And four totally unidentified teas. Sigh.

With so many teas that are available, it is easy to see how one person can end up with 64 of them! Of course the drawback is that some of this will obviously lose its prime flavor by sitting too long in my pantry.

But here in Michigan, we enjoy/endure some wildly different weather. And when both temp and humidity are insufferably in the nineties, an icy fruit or green tea is heaven. But when a bitter wind howls and there’s a foot of snow on the ground, a hearty black aroma beckons.

If you have limited yourself to your favorite couple teas, maybe it’s time to explore what else the tea world offers. You will be amazed at the diversity you will encounter!

(Oh and if you drop by my house, I probably have your favorite tea. . . .)

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