Blueberry Buckle Tea, an Autumn (calorie-free) Treat

Buckles have a long history in the United States. This delicious cake—filled with fruit and topped with streusel—was baked, and maybe even created, by the colonists. Its colorful name refers to the crinkling, or buckling, of the streusel topping as the cake bakes.

While many fruits work well in buckles, blueberries are commonly used. For the colonists, this was a familiar fruit, as blueberry varieties are found around the globe.

For a calorie-free version of this classic, how about a cup of steaming Blueberry Buckle Tea?

Created by TeaHaus in Ann Arbor, this blend is a pretty combination of white tea, mallow blossoms, blueberries, oatmeal, and cinnamon. Because white tea is barely oxidized, the dry tea leaves look like they have been recently plucked!

Blueberry Buckle tea leaves

The brewing process fully unfurls the large leaves,

Blueberry Buckle tea after brewing

and yields a light yellowish-brown infusion.

Brewed Blueberry Buckle teaThe aroma? Sweet fruity and spicy cinnamon in equal measure.

With its white tea base, this is a more delicate tea, but with clear blueberry flavor tinged with cinnamon. Rounded out by oats and mallow blossoms, sipping this tea is like indulging in a hot slice of blueberry buckle just out of the oven. A wonderful autumn treat!

Blueberry Buckle Tea is available only at TeaHaus; click here for details.

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