Pumpkin Chai Tea, Fall’s Favorite Flavors

pumpkin-fondue-webPumpkins are part of fall—but no more are they relegated to merely pies!

Their warm flavor lends itself to soups and fondues (shown here) and breads and cakes.

So it stands to reason that pumpkin would meld wonderfully into a warm, spicy chai, as evidenced by the Pumpkin Chai Haus Blend by TeaHaus.

This fragrant blend of cinnamon, cardamom, ginger, cloves, pepper, nutmeg, dehydrated pumpkin, allspice, and vanilla on a black tea base is full of autumn colors and flavors.leaves-webIt brews up a heavenly aroma,brewing-1-weband delivers a chestnut cup.infusion-webI like to add a bit of raw honey and half & half for a creamy chai that boasts pumpkin pie spiciness:add-honey-webPerfect for watching the autumn leaves on a crisp day!fall-montage-webA bonus: it surely can’t hurt that according to many research studies, tea, pumpkin, and spices all offer some level of health benefits. Pumpkins don’t accumulate heavy metals but do contain plenty of antioxidants. Spices also have antioxidant and antibacterial effects. And myriad studies have shown the benefits of drinking tea.

So pumpkin + spices + tea = a win-win-win combination of fall favorite flavors!

Pumpkin Chai tea is available at TeaHaus; click here to read more.


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