Why the World Tea Expo Matters to You

Las Vegas Convention Center

Surrounded by tea but, alas, not drinking any of it!

Such are the “travails” of being an exhibitor at the 2018 World Tea Expo in Las Vegas.

But the upside came in spades!

Besides the whole seeing-Vegas-for-the-first-time experience, there were:

  • innovative products
  • tea samples
  • many wonderful people

And why should you care about the World Tea Expo?

Because this tea industry expo helps steer trends that you will eventually see in your local tea shop, restaurant, or grocery store.

tea samples from Tea Expo


At the Expo, tea growers showcase new and experimental teas, which may be picked up by impressed buyers, or at least expose buyers to them.

Much research goes into determining how many times a person has to be exposed to something before they buy it, so even at the industry level it may take some time before a new product takes off.

The expo provides a venue for a tea grower or seller to demonstrate that their tea has consistent quality and purity, and to persuade buyers to take a chance on it.

New ways of presenting tea and everything tea related!

Expo tote bag and sampling cup

Marketing is everything. Whether product or service, car or beverage, you’re pitching a lifestyle, a concept.

There are multiple tacks to upselling tea and its related accoutrements—teabags for convenience, loose leaf for flavor, trendy new equipment, herbals with health claims, better designs, prettier ware, the newest and easiest and best.

However, even though money obviously must be made, most people in the tea industry truly believe in their products. They are excited, passionate even, about what they have to offer to consumers.

They want you to fully experience the excitement of an incredible tea, and they want to bring you the products that will allow you to do so.

Exciting new tea-based products!

I was at the Expo with Lisa, owner of Eat More Tea, where we had a table in the new business section.

Eat More Tea display

Believing that any savory or baked item will be better if made with tea, Lisa incorporates tea into nearly everythingEat More Tea Shortbread Cookie MixWith Eat More Tea, she makes cooking and baking with tea accessible to the home cook.

And this doesn’t mean simply adding a cup of brewed tea into your soup—this means eating your tea, literally!

Loose leaf tea as a shortbread mix ingredient yields delicious cookies. Think Coconut Green Tea or Orange Blossom Oolong or Chili Chocolate Black Tea. Plus customer faves Lavender and Earl Grey.

Eat More Tea Spice Blend No. 1

Highly aromatic spice blends—made primarily with loose leaf tea—can be used in place of any cooking spice for spectacular results. In fact, judges at the Expo agreed:

World Tea Expo Best New Product award

So does the World Tea Expo make a difference in your life?

Maybe not that you are aware of, but the products that filter into your home may well have gotten their start at the Expo.

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