Enjoying Tea at the Ann Arbor Art Fairs

If you live in Ann Arbor, you probably fall into one of two camps: the fully-embrace-love-love-love the Art Fairs or the avoid-it-at-all-costs.

The latter is rather more difficult to do because this isn’t just an art fair: it’s a four-day marathon of four art fairs that spread amoeba-like across our city, consuming everything in their path. Streets close, traffic surges, hordes descend.

Art Fair week, however, also ushers in fantastic art and superb artists. And of course, there is always some gorgeous teaware in the mix, like these that I discovered this year!

brenna dee_sm

Brenna Dee Ceramics
See Brenna’s beautiful and elegant work at the Fair, email her at BrennaMcBroom@gmail.com, or visit her website.

julie goodin_sm

Julie Goodin Mixed Media
This lovely piece says it all! Visit Julie’s booth, see her Facebook page, or email her at Calligraphy3@yahoo.com.

Dave hergesheimer_sm

Dave and Keiko Hergesheimer, Catalpa Lane Pottery
Dave says that this is his favorite teapot of the stunning ones that he brought to this year’s fair. Check out Dave and Keiko’s booth, visit their website, or email them at davidhclay@gmail.com.

miles stearn_sm

Glazed Impressions, Pottery by Miles Stearns
These beautiful vibrant colors will catch your eye at Miles’ booth! Also visit his website or email him at milostearn@hotmail.com.

dwo wen chen_sm

Dwo Wen Chen, Three Wheel Studio
Delicate birds and lotuses grace these lovely teapots. Check out Dwo’s art at the Fair, visit the studio website, or send an email to info@threewheelstudio.com.

david bigelow_sm

David Bigelow, Printmaker
This engaging print by David is entitled “Friends,” which is what tea and coffee are all about! See his work at his booth, visit his Facebook page, or email him at dbigserv@suddenlink.net.

ed brownlee_sm

edsware, by Ed Brownlee
Certainly the most imaginative of what I’ve seen so far! Stop by Ed’s booth or email him at edswareclay@yahoo.com.

jennifer meeker_sm

Jennifer Meeker Art
This fascinating tea set is in Jennifer’s Plumbing Pipe Series! Stop by her booth and check out her other series; visit her website, Facebook page, or Etsy; or email her at jennifermeekerart@gmail.com.

I hope that you’ve enjoyed this artwork as much as I have! Do look up these superb artists and support their work. 

All photos used by permission of the artists.

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