What Tea Is Brewing in My Cauldron?

Tonight, there are only two things to consider for my perfectly magical Halloween potion. And make no bones about it—these are absolutely paramount:

  • name of tea (must fit the holiday)
  • color of tea (must fit the season)

Of course some might argue in favor of more morbidly mundane considerations. You know what I mean—the usual suspects: type of tea, flavor, caffeine or no.

But I’m afraid all that is howlingly boring—and frighteningly irrelevant—when October 31st swoops in.


Because the allure of an Earl Grey or Irish Breakfast wanes when werewolves are on the prowl and black cats lurk in the shadows.

Nope, it’s gotta be BLOOD ORANGE fruit tea.

Mangled [intermingled] fruit and bloodcurdling [curled] flower blossoms scream Halloween with their jack-o’-lantern hues.

And the unearthly deep orange brew, bursting with citrus, will satisfy any wraiths floating around your home this spooky eve.


Happy Halloween!

Frightfully delicious Blood Orange fruit tea is available at TeaHaus.

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