A Holiday Filled with the Meaning of Tea

Yes, this is actually a living cat

Christmas swept like a whirlwind through our house this year.

The seemingly endless supply of ribbons and boxes and sparkly things finally exhausted even our cat.

But running like a theme through all the feasting and cookies and snacking in our home?


Assam, brewed western style . . . Dragon Well in the petite gong fu clay pot . . . dark pearl oolong gracefully unfurling in the crackle porcelain teapot.

teapot-webWe drank without noticing; we pondered and compared successive brews; we blithely dumped tea leaves into the compost; we exclaimed over whole leaves.

Tea figured both in background and foreground, depending on our mood or the tea we were brewing or whether the conversation centered on tea.

Tea and its accoutrements entered our holiday as gifts—teapot, tea leaves, ornament. crackle-teapot-web

Tea, second only to water as the most consumed beverage in the world, symbolizes hospitality and sociability. It imparts strength and refreshment and empathy. Peace and care. Love.

The same values that our holidays are supposed to bring to us, the core reason that these holidays were even created and still exist.

The same hopes that are often lost, buried, under the incessant consumerism that drives these holidays.

The same spirit that prevails anyway.

So yes, tea ran as a constant through our days of celebration, but it was a vehicle for sharing. Values and memories and laughter and love.


A recent reviewer of Summer Romance fruit tea captured its essence:*

My daughter (8) just discovered this tea in our drawer and it is her new favorite. . . . I’ve enjoyed this tea as a cup of fruit and a reminder of summer days in winter for awhile; it’s a delight to share it with her.

Sharing, remembering, hoping, loving. This is why we are here, friends.


*Read full review on TeaHaus website


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