Tea on the Road: The Erie Canal and Locktender’s Tea

If you wander around upstate New York long enough, you're bound to come across remnants of its extensive canal system. The Erie Canal, begun in 1817, was an engineering sensation, designed by two engineers that didn't have much experience and requiring eighteen aqueducts and eighty-some locks (or lift locks). The restored 1844 aqueduct—or water-filled bridge—over … Continue reading Tea on the Road: The Erie Canal and Locktender’s Tea


Tea on the Road: Herkimer Diamonds and Improvised Iced Tea

Leaving wine country behind us (see previous post), we continued our road trip, traveling east to Herkimer, a small town along the Mohawk River in upstate New York, and named after Nicholas Herkimer, a general in the American Revolutionary War. With Herkimer, we have a link to both tea (the Boston Tea Party of 1773, … Continue reading Tea on the Road: Herkimer Diamonds and Improvised Iced Tea

Wine and Tea: Commonalities Beyond Terroir

I began our family road trip as any tea-lover would do: with a travel mug of a favorite tea that I made before we left. Farther along on the trip, however, I found a dearth of tea options. But no worries, right? After all, we were in wine country! Where—when sampling wines at Dr. Konstantin … Continue reading Wine and Tea: Commonalities Beyond Terroir

Alcohol + Tea = Delightful!

Tea cocktails are quite the rage these days, with good reason! Tea's complexity and astringency—along with the dizzying number of teas available—make it a natural when combined with alcohol. (See my earlier post about blending.) However, there is nothing 21st-century about using tea in boozy drinks. Granted, the word "cocktail" was coined as recently as … Continue reading Alcohol + Tea = Delightful!

What Are Rose Hips?

What's a Rose Hip? A rose conjures up lots of images: romance, bouquets, weddings, funerals, gardens, even thorns. Rarely do we think "fruit." Yet rose hips—the fruit of a rose—are widely used in beverages and jams, and have been enjoyed for millennia. Found just below the petals of the rose, the fruit contains the plant's seeds.Today, … Continue reading What Are Rose Hips?

The Revival of Tea in Georgia

Ups and Downs If asked to list the countries that produce the world's best teas, Georgia probably doesn't cross most people's minds. In fact, many of us probably haven't had Georgian tea—or even realized that tea is produced there. Now I'm not referring to the sweet tea that's popular in our southern states, such as … Continue reading The Revival of Tea in Georgia

Poison in My Tea? Redux

This week brought several news articles relating to toxins that might be lurking in your tea. I've addressed this issue before (Poison in My Tea?), looking at research and considering some of the avenues for contamination, but here's the latest: New Lawsuit This week, Yahoo Finance reports that the Organic Consumers Association has sued Twinings … Continue reading Poison in My Tea? Redux