The World’s Tea Industry: May 2021 Snaphots

With some in the U.S. pretty much declaring the pandemic is about over, that's really the case only for those vaccinated—and it's far from true in many other places. The staggering toll that COVID-19 is visiting upon India is sobering. It seems petty to even talk about tea when so many people are suffering. But what … Continue reading The World’s Tea Industry: May 2021 Snaphots

Paul Revere Teapot Reproductions

With the Revolutionary War won, and with teapots no longer politically fraught (see prior post), Paul Revere made at least 49 teapots from 1783 to 1797, according to his books. Then, as now, silver items were expensive. In the early 1760s, a laborer earning 30 pounds per year might be able to afford a child’s … Continue reading Paul Revere Teapot Reproductions

The Significance of a Paul Revere Teapot

Continuing with a look at silver teapots, the most famous of our American silversmiths is, of course, Paul Revere Jr., who lived in this relatively modest house in Boston. Immortalized in Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s 1860 poem, we all know how Paul Revere rode to Lexington to warn Samuel Adams and John Hancock about approaching British troops. … Continue reading The Significance of a Paul Revere Teapot

Silver and Silver-plated Teapots Still Shine

Ann Arbor is home to one of the largest outdoor art fairs in the country, an event that townies either love or hate. I personally love it and have been to many an artist's booth over the years. And there are few things more irritating to overhear than someone remarking, often in the artist's presence, … Continue reading Silver and Silver-plated Teapots Still Shine

Jin Jun Mei—A Gentle Black Tea

One of the best perks of my job? Drinking tea! So today I tried a tea that was new to me, a sample of Jin Jun Mei kindly provided by Life in Teacup. And wow, this is a gorgeous tea! The fluffy leaves, with their long minute hairs, look like delicate golden and charcoal twisted … Continue reading Jin Jun Mei—A Gentle Black Tea

Reasons for Citrus in Tea

There's a seasonality to the teas we drink—perhaps most pronounced for those of us who annually enjoy four distinct seasons. Whereas a full-bodied, steaming hot tea comforts during winter's cold, we often reach for light and sunny brews on the first precious warm days of spring. Citrus teas fulfill that need nicely, reminding us of … Continue reading Reasons for Citrus in Tea

Jasmine Tea from Cambodia

I have a terrible habit of saving tea for the "right" time. A time when I can fully engage, when life is less hectic. You'd certainly think that a year of mostly working from home would provide such a time, but no, I still didn't brew any of the "special" tea. So today, realizing that … Continue reading Jasmine Tea from Cambodia

Contaminated or Adulterated Tea? It Still Happens

Buying a product—any product, including tea—is based in trust. Trust that the product is what it's advertised to be. Trust that it's safe. So how safe is our tea? Is our trust sometimes misplaced? Perhaps, but luckily, we have plenty of people who have our backs! And they aren't just looking out for dangerous contaminants. Turns … Continue reading Contaminated or Adulterated Tea? It Still Happens

Is Tea Helpful after Heart Attack or Stroke?

Research is exciting! It's also generally very slow. Although the incredibly fast development of the COVID-19 vaccination may lead us to believe that science moves quickly—and it certainly did in this case—the usual course is far more plodding. Take the studies into how and/or whether drinking tea produces tangible and measurable health benefits. This sort … Continue reading Is Tea Helpful after Heart Attack or Stroke?

All About Mint Teas!

For mint lovers, a potent mint tea is a delight! That blast of coolness is like nothing else—so much so that it's even hard to describe the experience of mint without using the word "mint"! Native to many regions of the world, this herb has been valued for centuries for its heady scent and invigorating … Continue reading All About Mint Teas!