What Are Rose Hips?

What's a Rose Hip? A rose conjures up lots of images: romance, bouquets, weddings, funerals, gardens, even thorns. Rarely do we think "fruit." Yet rose hips—the fruit of a rose—are widely used in beverages and jams, and have been enjoyed for millennia. Found just below the petals of the rose, the fruit contains the plant's seeds.Today, … Continue reading What Are Rose Hips?


Poison in My Tea? Redux

This week brought several news articles relating to toxins that might be lurking in your tea. I've addressed this issue before (Poison in My Tea?), looking at research and considering some of the avenues for contamination, but here's the latest: New Lawsuit This week, Yahoo Finance reports that the Organic Consumers Association has sued Twinings … Continue reading Poison in My Tea? Redux

Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

Eating matcha cookies lowers stress! This is according to bona fide scientists. Yeah yeah we all know that tea can reduce stress, but did you get the cookies part?! When I'm stressed, I eat cookies. Lots of cookies. Especially my own made-from-scratch cookies. Usually with a cup of tea. But now I have scientific proof to … Continue reading Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

Cool Down—with HOT Tea?

With Memorial Day kicking off summer here in Michigan, we're already looking for ways to keep cool. Many of us envision this:  However, having grown up with a sun-sensitive redheaded mom, I know the drill: lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants, brimmed hat, avoid the sun, and drink hot tea.Later in life, an archaeologist friend reinforced … Continue reading Cool Down—with HOT Tea?

Caffeine: You Think It, You Feel It?

In The Music Man, Professor Harold Hill charmingly dupes the River City populace. He first takes their money for musical instruments and then purports to teach their kids how to play said instruments. . . . by telling the kids to simply think of the notes . . . and then play them. With Professor … Continue reading Caffeine: You Think It, You Feel It?

Tea and Coffee, . . . and Lung Cancer?

Say something I already agree with and I'm right there with you. Say something opposed to my beliefs, and well, sure you have a point but. Right? We argue that we are independent thinkers and open minded. Yet. It's sooo much easier to hear only what we want to hear. We don't have to think—or evolve—or … Continue reading Tea and Coffee, . . . and Lung Cancer?

Why Fingerprinting Tea Is a Good Idea

There's long been some suspicion about whether all "Darjeeling Tea" is really from Darjeeling. After all, Nepal tea gardens are a short hop from Darjeeling and if they are blended or substituted, how many of us would know—especially when we assume our tea is what the label claims? For tea gardens that produce high-quality tea, … Continue reading Why Fingerprinting Tea Is a Good Idea