The Buzz about Bees and Tea

When one spouse loves tea and the other keeps bees, this pin is a natural: Not sure where my daughter picked it up for us but it certainly could refer to "Let It Bee" tea, an herbal blend that contains bee pollen, honeybush, rooibos, vanilla, and honey granules (Red Stick Spice Company). But the pin … Continue reading The Buzz about Bees and Tea


Prefer Tea over Coffee? Your Choice—or Decided by Your Genes?

Tea or coffee? As in, which one do you prefer?Innocuous question, right? Yet earlier in history, as tea and coffee were first arriving to their shores, a European's response might have reflected such weighty issues as: power (who had the means to bring tea and coffee to Europe) wealth and status (who could initially afford … Continue reading Prefer Tea over Coffee? Your Choice—or Decided by Your Genes?

Soothing Illness with Tea

As we head into flu and cold season, tea is always there to make you feel better! To learn more, check out Prevention's article featuring Lisa McDonald, tea sommelier and owner of TeaHaus in Ann Arbor, Michigan: The 6 Best Teas to Soothe Your Sore Throat And for even more tea suggestions and info, see these … Continue reading Soothing Illness with Tea

The Tea We Call Chai

Pull out the spices! Apple pie, pumpkin pie, spiced cider—and chai—season has arrived!So let me ask you: seasonal junk food? Or health-boosting treats? And why do we suddenly crave them when autumn rolls 'round? Before the advent of refrigeration and the practice of shipping food all over the world, people generally ate food that was locally … Continue reading The Tea We Call Chai

Purple Tea: A Healthier Tea?

Michigan maples are already flaunting their riotous oranges and reds!A fitting time to look at purple tea—tea leaves whose distinct purple hue is due to the same antioxidant that makes autumn foliage so breathtaking! Sounding vaguely like a toxin rather than a health-boosting antioxidant, anthocyanin is technically the "blue, violet, or red flavonoid pigment found in plants." … Continue reading Purple Tea: A Healthier Tea?

Tea: A Magic Elixir?

Seemingly every month there is a newly discovered health benefit to drinking tea, often green tea. Shouted from headlines, people sometimes think that they should start drinking tea—specifically green tea—even if they dislike it! So should they? Researchers tackle this very question in various ways. For example, they might first evaluate tea drinkers against a … Continue reading Tea: A Magic Elixir?

Make Your Own Sparkling Teas

Sparkling Teas . . . are coming soon to your local grocery store, if they haven't already shown up. But you can make sparkling tea today— by yourself, with your favorite tea, and with total control of just how much, if any, sugar they contain. To compare, the new Sanpellegrino + Tea (by Nestlé Waters) … Continue reading Make Your Own Sparkling Teas