Why You Must Pay Attention to Water Temperature When Making Tea. Really.

Having looked at how (and if) water itself impacts the flavor of your tea (see post), what about its temperature? Does that matter? Yep, it matters.  A lot. Even back in the year 780 when Lu Yu wrote the still-classic The Classic of Tea. Tea master Lu Yu specified his method in great detail. Water (ideally from … Continue reading Why You Must Pay Attention to Water Temperature When Making Tea. Really.


Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Water When Making Tea. Or Not.

You paid money for that tea. Maybe even a lot of money! So here are some simple, easy-to-follow, considerations to ensure you correctly match your water to your tea leaves (especially useful for that first brew of the day when you're already late for work). Do not, do not, use untested water, or unfiltered water, … Continue reading Why You Should Pay Attention to Your Water When Making Tea. Or Not.

So What Does “Orange Pekoe” Mean Anyway?

Of course you recognize this iconic package: —and orange pekoe almost means Lipton! But what does that "orange pekoe" really mean? Perhaps surprising to many of us, it has nothing to do with the flavor or the type of tea, and can be viewed with multiple lenses. Position of leaf on plant At the top … Continue reading So What Does “Orange Pekoe” Mean Anyway?

Unexpected Free Tea Sample Fun!

This came quite unexpectedly in the mail last night! I had totally forgotten that I had signed up for some free tea samples from the April Tea Industry Company, or AprTea. Their name refers to the first plucking in the spring because, as their website puts it: Tea in April means “the best tea.” This Chinese … Continue reading Unexpected Free Tea Sample Fun!

The Tea We Call Chai

Pull out the spices! Apple pie, pumpkin pie, spiced cider—and chai—season has arrived!So let me ask you: seasonal junk food? Or health-boosting treats? And why do we suddenly crave them when autumn rolls 'round? Before the advent of refrigeration and the practice of shipping food all over the world, people generally ate food that was locally … Continue reading The Tea We Call Chai

Purple Tea: A Healthier Tea?

Michigan maples are already flaunting their riotous oranges and reds!A fitting time to look at purple tea—tea leaves whose distinct purple hue is due to the same antioxidant that makes autumn foliage so breathtaking! Sounding vaguely like a toxin rather than a health-boosting antioxidant, anthocyanin is technically the "blue, violet, or red flavonoid pigment found in plants." … Continue reading Purple Tea: A Healthier Tea?

Ceylon Tea—but Green

When we think simply "tea," Ceylon may well be what we are envisioning: it's perfect for classic iced tea it's great blended with lemonade it's excellent hot it handles lemon or honey or milk or sugar admirably it's the perfect "base tea," with a brisk and full flavor And you're probably visualizing black tea, even … Continue reading Ceylon Tea—but Green