Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Living in a country where "matcha" too often means sweetened matcha lattes, how amazing to read about a place in Japan that offers matcha gelato—in seven levels of bitterness! If it weren't for Japan being a pricy 13+ hour journey from Michigan, I'd be sampling gelato today! Because matcha gelato is really fantastic. Actually, matcha … Continue reading Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Nepali Teas Come into Their Own

Although few knew it at the time, a seismic shift took place when botanist Robert Fortune spirited high-quality tea plants out of China in the mid-1800s. Transplanting them into Himalayan soil, he opined that “a boon will have been conferred upon the people of India” if that country’s poor could be provided with an affordable tea, … Continue reading Nepali Teas Come into Their Own

The Revival of Tea in Georgia

Ups and Downs If asked to list the countries that produce the world's best teas, Georgia probably doesn't cross most people's minds. In fact, many of us probably haven't had Georgian tea—or even realized that tea is produced there. Now I'm not referring to the sweet tea that's popular in our southern states, such as … Continue reading The Revival of Tea in Georgia

Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

Eating matcha cookies lowers stress! This is according to bona fide scientists. Yeah yeah we all know that tea can reduce stress, but did you get the cookies part?! When I'm stressed, I eat cookies. Lots of cookies. Especially my own made-from-scratch cookies. Usually with a cup of tea. But now I have scientific proof to … Continue reading Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

What Is Japanese Kuki Hojicha?

The NRDC claims that "up to 40 percent of the food in the United States is never eaten," which is staggering, especially when you consider how many people worldwide, including in the U.S., don't have enough to eat. We ought to emulate those cultures that avoid waste as much as possible, either by necessity—such as … Continue reading What Is Japanese Kuki Hojicha?

What Is Japanese Hojicha?

Love Japanese green teas? Or hate them? If you're simply not a fan of the vegetal nature of steamed Japanese green teas—perhaps deeming them seaweed-y or even swampy—you really ought to at least try hojicha (or houjicha). You will find that it is quite different! From the photo here, you can already see that these are … Continue reading What Is Japanese Hojicha?

Sencha with Matcha—A Sensational Match!

Sencha is currently the mainstay of Japanese tea—in 2015, 68% of the tea produced in Japan was sencha (Zavadckyte 2017:30)! Yet its popularity is measured in decades rather than centuries. Although developed back in 1738, in what is now Kyoto Prefecture, by tea maker Nagatani Soen, sencha wasn't commonly consumed until after World War II  when … Continue reading Sencha with Matcha—A Sensational Match!

Jasmine Phoenix Dragon Pearl—A Tea as Mystical as Its Name

A bowl of Jasmine Phoenix Dragon Pearls are simply beautiful. Pearls of perfection. The Pearls Each "pearl" is actually is the tip of the plant's new growth—the bud and first one or two tender new leaves—tightly rolled into a smooth, tight ball. Here you can see a pearl side-by-side with one that has opened up … Continue reading Jasmine Phoenix Dragon Pearl—A Tea as Mystical as Its Name

Purple Tea: A Healthier Tea?

Michigan maples are already flaunting their riotous oranges and reds!A fitting time to look at purple tea—tea leaves whose distinct purple hue is due to the same antioxidant that makes autumn foliage so breathtaking! Sounding vaguely like a toxin rather than a health-boosting antioxidant, anthocyanin is technically the "blue, violet, or red flavonoid pigment found in plants." … Continue reading Purple Tea: A Healthier Tea?

Ceylon Tea—but Green

When we think simply "tea," Ceylon may well be what we are envisioning: it's perfect for classic iced tea it's great blended with lemonade it's excellent hot it handles lemon or honey or milk or sugar admirably it's the perfect "base tea," with a brisk and full flavor And you're probably visualizing black tea, even … Continue reading Ceylon Tea—but Green