Kankaliba Herbal Tea from Western Africa

Out of curiosity, my daughter and I picked up a bag of kankaliba tea leaves awhile back. We had never heard of this herbal tea so we had to look into it! The Plant Although the package specifies "kankaliba," the plant is also commonly spelled "kinkaliba" or "kinkeliba," and is seh-haw in the Wolof language. … Continue reading Kankaliba Herbal Tea from Western Africa


Creamsicle Rooibos Inspires a Look at Frozen Treats

Tea should be fun, and even though I'm generally not a fan of foods/beverages pretending to be something else, I have to say that Creamsicle tea is surprisingly like its namesake—you know, the summer treat with orange sherbet wrapped around vanilla ice cream—and surprisingly delicious, especially iced. In this case, I'm talking about a rooibos … Continue reading Creamsicle Rooibos Inspires a Look at Frozen Treats

Roasted Almond Fruit Tea, Dessert in a Cup

Roasted Almond fruit tea (or more accurately, tisane) consistently ranks as one of the top ten best-selling teas at TeaHaus, with many raving about both its flavor and its stunning color in the cup. With a foundation of apples, red beets contribute additional sweetness along with color, while cinnamon adds spiciness and the almond pieces … Continue reading Roasted Almond Fruit Tea, Dessert in a Cup

Ukraine and Sunflowers

Sunflowers have new depths of meaning these days, a fact that seems startlingly at odds with the flower's straightforward boldness. After all, its perpetual cheeriness and habit of quite literally following the sun make this a fitting symbol for reveling in summer's warmth, simple happiness. But even the robust sunflower—that with a more subtle hue, … Continue reading Ukraine and Sunflowers

Do Moringa Leaves and Beets Make Fruit Tea a Healthier Brew?

Fruit Teas To tea purists, fruit tea is not tea. And technically, they are correct. Actual tea is composed of Camellia sinensis whereas beverages made from other plants are tisanes or infusions. Hence, there are fruity teas (C. sinensis blended with fruit) and there are fruit "teas" (blends of fruit, herbals, and/or spices). In the … Continue reading Do Moringa Leaves and Beets Make Fruit Tea a Healthier Brew?

Is Licorice Tea Really Good for a Sore Throat?

These days, the slightest sore throat necessitates Covid testing, but beyond that, what can you do to alleviate the scratchiness and discomfort? At TeaHaus, we generally suggest a hot cup of ayurvedic Vata—a caffeine-free herbal blend of licorice, coriander, cinnamon, ginger, anise, and mallow blossoms. The thick, creamy body of this tea coats your throat, … Continue reading Is Licorice Tea Really Good for a Sore Throat?

Greek Mountain (Shepherd’s) Tea

Selling a house is stressful. Selling a beloved house filled with joyful moments is even more difficult. Selling such a house due to circumstances and not desire is harder still. Yet here we are, in such a position within my family. And as the house lingers on the market, stress levels are, well, you can … Continue reading Greek Mountain (Shepherd’s) Tea

Fireweed Tea

We are bombarded with health claims about various herbal teas but, unfortunately, few of these claims have been conclusively substantiated by comprehensive research studies. However, what about fireweed? It's a fascinating plant. The Plant Native to much of North America (with related plants native to Europe), fireweed is well adapted for survival. As its name … Continue reading Fireweed Tea

Goldenrod Tea

A Brief Look at Goldenrod Beautiful plumes of goldenrod now adorn our fields, signaling summer's ebb. Long blamed for allergies, this vibrant flower has been falsely maligned. The concurrently blooming ragweed—with unassuming green flowers—is most likely the actual culprit. Meanwhile, goldenrod's showy flowers provide nectar to butterflies (including monarchs) and both nectar and pollen to bees, … Continue reading Goldenrod Tea

All About Mint Teas!

For mint lovers, a potent mint tea is a delight! That blast of coolness is like nothing else—so much so that it's even hard to describe the experience of mint without using the word "mint"! Native to many regions of the world, this herb has been valued for centuries for its heady scent and invigorating … Continue reading All About Mint Teas!