New to Tea? Start Here

Step into any tea store, in person or online, and the choices are staggering. If you're new to loose tea, the range of options can even be paralyzing. Where do you possibly begin? Added to the confusion is that although tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) are rightfully called "tea," other leaves, flowers, and even spice blends … Continue reading New to Tea? Start Here

Passionate about Iced Passionfruit Tea!

Passionfruit may evoke a steamy romance in the sultry tropics, but that would be totally off base. In fact, the fruit may actually tranquilize rather than excite: The pulp, leaves, and flowers of the passion fruit has been long used as a sedative by South American Indians and is noted for its calming effect. (AIHDP) … Continue reading Passionate about Iced Passionfruit Tea!

The 12 Teas of Christmas: Romantic turtle doves

On the Second Day of Christmas My True Love Gave to Me two turtle doves, of course! Symbol of love, but perhaps a bit predictable, as suggested by this: Known as a symbol of love because of its tender mating song and faithfulness, the turtle dove is also a creature of habit: its daily feeding … Continue reading The 12 Teas of Christmas: Romantic turtle doves

What Is the Difference between Fruit Tea and a Tisane?

I peer out the window: and stroll through my yard: and check out the woods behind my house: Yep, definitely iced tea season in Michigan! And because beautiful days call for beautiful teas, I pull out some plum fruit tea. This tea has it all: lustrous ruby red color fruity aroma strong, tangy plum flavor And this fruit tea, available from … Continue reading What Is the Difference between Fruit Tea and a Tisane?