Goldenrod Tea

A Brief Look at Goldenrod Beautiful plumes of goldenrod now adorn our fields, signaling summer's ebb. Long blamed for allergies, this vibrant flower has been falsely maligned. The concurrently blooming ragweed—with unassuming green flowers—is most likely the actual culprit. Meanwhile, goldenrod's showy flowers provide nectar to butterflies (including monarchs) and both nectar and pollen to bees, … Continue reading Goldenrod Tea

All About Mint Teas!

For mint lovers, a potent mint tea is a delight! That blast of coolness is like nothing else—so much so that it's even hard to describe the experience of mint without using the word "mint"! Native to many regions of the world, this herb has been valued for centuries for its heady scent and invigorating … Continue reading All About Mint Teas!

Reviewing “The Wellness Tea” (with an objective look at health claims)

My late mother-in-law chided me for being skeptical, a trait I attributed to:  –my science background (must be data-driven and reproducible!) –the fact that my mother was an auditor (look for misrepresentations or falsified info!) –my years as an editor (identify all errors and weak arguments!) but my MIL was correct: I tend to start … Continue reading Reviewing “The Wellness Tea” (with an objective look at health claims)

Can Tea Relieve Migraine? A Look at Herbal Tea

The Issue I know the season of thanks–giving probably isn't the best time to rant, but I was recently asked yet again to send someone a sample of tea with "medicinal qualities." So here goes: All tea as well as most herbals provide health benefits (unless, of course, they contain high levels of contaminants, which is why … Continue reading Can Tea Relieve Migraine? A Look at Herbal Tea

Find Your Balance with Ayurvedic Herbal Teas

Despite the fact that summer stretches a full three weeks into the month, September has long signified the start of autumn, the school year, harvest time, warmer clothing. It’s the end of vacations and the beginning of study.  It’s also the perfect time to think about bolstering our health, what with both coronavirus and this … Continue reading Find Your Balance with Ayurvedic Herbal Teas

New to Tea? Start Here

Step into any tea store, in person or online, and the choices are staggering. If you're new to loose tea, the range of options can even be paralyzing. Where do you possibly begin? Added to the confusion is that although tea leaves (Camellia sinensis) are rightfully called "tea," other leaves, flowers, and even spice blends … Continue reading New to Tea? Start Here

Tea, Tea Tree, Tea Oil: Which Ones Mean “Tea”?

Say "tea" and people immediately imagine, well, not necessarily the same thing that I'm imagining. Same with "tea tree." Or even "tea oil." The word "tea" is often applied to herbal brews, which are perhaps more accurately called tisanes. However, the Oxford English Dictionary does say the word "tea" can be: used as a general name … Continue reading Tea, Tea Tree, Tea Oil: Which Ones Mean “Tea”?

Chamomile Tea: A Help for Sleep and Stress?

The news is impossible to ignore these days. While I wouldn't describe myself as much of a worrier normally, if I think about what's taking place outside my door, "sobering" doesn't even begin to describe it. "Terrifying" might be a more apt descriptor. Especially when my mind strays to all those dedicated health care workers, to … Continue reading Chamomile Tea: A Help for Sleep and Stress?

Why We Love Flowers, Including in Our Tea

With Valentine's Day upon us, it's time to turn our attention to flowers. (Yes, I know the day's nearly over, but there've been technical difficulties. . . .) So flowers. A really nice thought for those of us in the northern climes, who, aside from evergreens, are largely bereft of foliage this month. But why … Continue reading Why We Love Flowers, Including in Our Tea

Roasted Barley Tea

Barley is something that I think about only when making soup, yet it's among the top five crops grown worldwide. And although barley didn't reach the American shores until 1494, it's one of the world's oldest cultivated grains, documented archaeologically as early as 8000 BC. And not just consumed as food—barley was used to make … Continue reading Roasted Barley Tea