Jasmine Tea from Cambodia

I have a terrible habit of saving tea for the "right" time. A time when I can fully engage, when life is less hectic. You'd certainly think that a year of mostly working from home would provide such a time, but no, I still didn't brew any of the "special" tea. So today, realizing that … Continue reading Jasmine Tea from Cambodia

Cambodia’s Lotus Tea

Magnificent temple complexes, some nearly engulfed by huge trees, captivate. This is Cambodia,¬†once part of the China-India-Southeast Asia trade route. It is also home to a Cambodian subspecies of tea, Camellia assamica subspecies lasiocalyx, although an article published in 2016 maintains it is more accurately a variety and not a subspecies. Either way, lasiocalyx¬†grows as … Continue reading Cambodia’s Lotus Tea