Passionate about Iced Passionfruit Tea!

Passionfruit may evoke a steamy romance in the sultry tropics, but that would be totally off base. In fact, the fruit may actually tranquilize rather than excite: The pulp, leaves, and flowers of the passion fruit has been long used as a sedative by South American Indians and is noted for its calming effect. (AIHDP) … Continue reading Passionate about Iced Passionfruit Tea!

Colombian Tea

Colombia practically means coffee. Even the fictional coffee farmer, Juan Valdez—created in the 1950s for a campaign advertising pure Colombian coffee—has been a household name for decades! In coffee-growing countries, coffee reigns king. Costa Ricans, for example, scoff at decaffeinated coffee, while visitors are reminded at every turn of the brew's importance. Colombia tea, therefore, … Continue reading Colombian Tea