Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Living in a country where "matcha" too often means sweetened matcha lattes, how amazing to read about a place in Japan that offers matcha gelato—in seven levels of bitterness! If it weren't for Japan being a pricy 13+ hour journey from Michigan, I'd be sampling gelato today! Because matcha gelato is really fantastic. Actually, matcha … Continue reading Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Two Books to Get You Hooked on Japanese Tea

If you haven't experienced Japanese tea—the real stuff, not in a teabag—you are missing out! And don't think that all green teas are alike. If you've had a green tea from China, it won't be anything like one from Japan, and if you've had one type of Japanese tea, it will probably be very different … Continue reading Two Books to Get You Hooked on Japanese Tea