World’s Tea Industry: February 2022

When "supply chain" is part of our everyday language rather than remaining confined to, say, auto part suppliers, we know that we're in unprecedented times. There's a spotty availability of random items—a baffling lack of certain paint finishes, a maple syrup producer can't get the customized jugs ordered months earlier. Raw materials are sometimes pricier … Continue reading World’s Tea Industry: February 2022

World’s Tea Industry, as Pandemic Drags On

While pandemic fatigue has certainly set in, most of us are still forced to deal with it—whether learning that our child's school has closed once again due to staffing shortages, or needing yet another COVID test, or finding out that {fill in blank} is out of stock indefinitely. The tea world has been hard hit … Continue reading World’s Tea Industry, as Pandemic Drags On

The World’s Tea Industry: Fall 2021 Snaphots

As fallout from the pandemic continues, many in the tea industry are using new tactics to maintain and increase their customer base; are adjusting to a changing market, especially as supply chain and shipping continue to be problematic; and are looking for ways to reduce production costs. According to shipping company DHL, ports are again … Continue reading The World’s Tea Industry: Fall 2021 Snaphots