A Tea That Whispers of Warm Climes: Pomegranate Dragon Fruit

Anything that contains dragon fruit evokes places far from Michigan. A distant shore, where warm salty waves lap white sand, overseen by graceful palm trees. Somewhere neither gray nor dreary. Pomegranate dragon fruit is a tea that can transport. With its sweet and fruity aroma, I can envision the sun's warmth. The Tea This green … Continue reading A Tea That Whispers of Warm Climes: Pomegranate Dragon Fruit


Does Tea Help Prevent Alzheimer Dementia?

This week, yet another study was published in which tea makes its appearance. Should we be excited? Should coffee drinkers throw up their hands and join the tea cohort? Can we use this as an excuse to buy that pricy tea we've been eying? Well, like the tea-longevity study that I recently looked at (Drink … Continue reading Does Tea Help Prevent Alzheimer Dementia?

Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Living in a country where "matcha" too often means sweetened matcha lattes, how amazing to read about a place in Japan that offers matcha gelato—in seven levels of bitterness! If it weren't for Japan being a pricy 13+ hour journey from Michigan, I'd be sampling gelato today! Because matcha gelato is really fantastic. Actually, matcha … Continue reading Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Tea and Coffee, . . . and Lung Cancer?

Say something I already agree with and I'm right there with you. Say something opposed to my beliefs, and well, sure you have a point but. Right? We argue that we are independent thinkers and open minded. Yet. It's sooo much easier to hear only what we want to hear. We don't have to think—or evolve—or … Continue reading Tea and Coffee, . . . and Lung Cancer?

Tea Claims. Are You Being Misled?

Just read a brief article listing the "four international tea trends" and found this somewhat misleading assertion: Matcha tea, which is popular in China and Japan, is a green tea packed with potassium, magnesium, fiber and vitamins A and C. It also contains L-theanine, an amino acid said to produce a calming effect while still … Continue reading Tea Claims. Are You Being Misled?

Tea: A Magic Elixir?

Seemingly every month there is a newly discovered health benefit to drinking tea, often green tea. Shouted from headlines, people sometimes think that they should start drinking tea—specifically green tea—even if they dislike it! So should they? Researchers tackle this very question in various ways. For example, they might first evaluate tea drinkers against a … Continue reading Tea: A Magic Elixir?

The Cinnamon of Autumn Teas

Cinnamon may well be autumn's quintessential spice. Where would pumpkin and apple pie be without it?! Or your favorite chai on these chilly evenings? Culinary Spice Extraordinaire Although the Western world tends to reach for cinnamon as part of dessert, this versatile spice is capable of so much more. Native to Asia, the bark of … Continue reading The Cinnamon of Autumn Teas

Tea in the Poison Garden

Tea. In the Poison Garden. In Ireland, land of tea drinkers. Apparently recklessly risking their lives, in 2016 the Irish drank more tea per capita than any other country except Turkey! So after being taken aback by the skull and crossbones, I did read the rest of the sign: The 'cup that cheers but not … Continue reading Tea in the Poison Garden

Olive Tea Anyone?

It was just announced that olive tea will soon be available in the U.K. and Europe. Yep, leaves from the same tree that yields olives and olive oil. About ten years ago, Rajasthan, located in northwestern India, began to grow olives, with  technological assistance from Israel. The climate was suitable, and they devised machinery that … Continue reading Olive Tea Anyone?