Tea on the Road: Herkimer Diamonds and Improvised Iced Tea

Leaving wine country behind us (see previous post), we continued our road trip, traveling east to Herkimer, a small town along the Mohawk River in upstate New York, and named after Nicholas Herkimer, a general in the American Revolutionary War. With Herkimer, we have a link to both tea (the Boston Tea Party of 1773, … Continue reading Tea on the Road: Herkimer Diamonds and Improvised Iced Tea

What Teas Make Great Iced Tea?

We are halfway through National Iced Tea Month. Did you notice? Do you care? Between doing your job while maneuvering office politics, paying bills, making sure your family is fed, tracking social obligations, and repairing car and house, simply keeping up pretty much consumes June! Yet, here we are in mid-June, with summer officially arriving this week, making this, actually, … Continue reading What Teas Make Great Iced Tea?

Cool Down—with HOT Tea?

With Memorial Day kicking off summer here in Michigan, we're already looking for ways to keep cool. Many of us envision this:  However, having grown up with a sun-sensitive redheaded mom, I know the drill: lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants, brimmed hat, avoid the sun, and drink hot tea.Later in life, an archaeologist friend reinforced … Continue reading Cool Down—with HOT Tea?

Make Your Own Sparkling Teas

Sparkling Teas . . . are coming soon to your local grocery store, if they haven't already shown up. But you can make sparkling tea today— by yourself, with your favorite tea, and with total control of just how much, if any, sugar they contain. To compare, the new Sanpellegrino + Tea (by Nestlé Waters) … Continue reading Make Your Own Sparkling Teas

H2O on the Rocks

When our daughter was very young, we were at a very nice restaurant, and calamity was very near: we told her she would be drinking water and not a soft drink. But our server adroitly intervened, asking if she would instead like "H2O on the rocks." Would she ever! When it arrived, complete with maraschino cherry on … Continue reading H2O on the Rocks