“Storm in a Teacup”?

Yeah, yeah, "don't judge a book by its cover"—but in reality, that cover and that title are exactly what make us pick up and open said book! So when confronted with the Irish tea blend "Storm in a Teacup," well of course I had to pick it up and buy it. I expected a rather rousing … Continue reading “Storm in a Teacup”?

Misty Morning Dew, an Irish Herbal Tea

As St. Patrick's Day approaches, Ireland may well be on our minds. Or beer. But it's still morning so I'm going with tea. Like this quintessentially Irish tea (at least by name), Misty Morning Dew, blended by an Irish tea shop. While the poetic name evokes softness, the tea itself is actually quite bright. Purchased at Cupán … Continue reading Misty Morning Dew, an Irish Herbal Tea

Tea Leaves Blended with Coffee Beans. Really.

When this is placed before you, well, who needs anything else?But truly, a solid tea serves as a wonderful counterpoint to this dessert's sweet richness. And here at Cupán Tae—located in Ireland's captivating city of Galway—there are many fine choices. While I went with the sturdy, no-nonsense Irish Breakfast, my far more adventurous daughter opted for … Continue reading Tea Leaves Blended with Coffee Beans. Really.

Tea, Embedded in Irish Culture

After seeing tea, or the Camellia sinensis plant, in the Poison Garden at Blarney Castle (see previous post), I found it reassuringly in one of the lovely glasshouses in Dublin's National Botanic Gardens, with a decidedly non-toxic description that touts its popularity and its role in hospitality. Although Camellia sinensis itself seems a pretty pedestrian … Continue reading Tea, Embedded in Irish Culture

Tea in the Poison Garden

Tea. In the Poison Garden. In Ireland, land of tea drinkers. Apparently recklessly risking their lives, in 2016 the Irish drank more tea per capita than any other country except Turkey! So after being taken aback by the skull and crossbones, I did read the rest of the sign: The 'cup that cheers but not … Continue reading Tea in the Poison Garden

Ireland and Its (poisonous!?) Tea

Returning home from a great vacation really sorta sucks. You can hold reality at bay only for so long before you have to face the dirty-clothes-filled suitcase, piles of junk mail, overgrown lawn, skunk-sprayed dog. I wanna be back here, in Ireland, —where light posts sprout shamrocks— —bespoke sweaters are all the rage— —mystery enchants— … Continue reading Ireland and Its (poisonous!?) Tea

Begin the Day with Irish Breakfast Tea

Night owl? Then a bracing cup of Irish breakfast tea is in order for those way-too-early-it-can't-be-morning-already mornings! As with English breakfast teas (see my previous post), the Irish counterpart was not intended simply to deliver caffeine to the sleep-deprived. (Though that undoubtedly was a welcome perk for the overworked.) Rather, back in 1784, when those … Continue reading Begin the Day with Irish Breakfast Tea

Tea in Ireland

Tea in Ireland: Mainstay — to Moral Decay — to Mainstay As one of the world's top per-capita consumers of tea, Ireland takes its brew seriously—yet the history of tea in Ireland reveals a intriguing past. Today we know that drinking tea has numerous health benefits, but the 1894 New York Times relates that the House of Commons questioned the Chief … Continue reading Tea in Ireland

Irish Tea and Shamrocks

Shamrocks Last fall, my husband rescued a couple of purple shamrocks from our outdoor flower pots before the frost hit. Well the plants weren't particularly grateful and didn't care for the change in environment, rebelling with paltry growth—or perhaps telling us that they needed to go into dormancy, but we didn't get the message. Anyway, one of … Continue reading Irish Tea and Shamrocks