Boseong Green Tea, South Korea

The Decline and Renewal of Tea in Korea When tea is part of a country's culture early on, it's interesting that it can fade from popularity. But such was the case in Korea, when Confucianism displaced Buddhism. Ramifications were culture-changing. The Choson Dynasty made a big push to eliminate Buddhist influence in all aspects of … Continue reading Boseong Green Tea, South Korea

Tea in South Korea Had a Circuitous History

So much about tea is actually really depressing, both now and historically. There are conflicts over land, wages, profit, quality, quantity. Issues of weather and natural disasters. Combine those problems with how tea has been used to wield power—during times when tea is highly esteemed and even when it's disparaged—and you quickly realize how a … Continue reading Tea in South Korea Had a Circuitous History

A House with the Aroma of Pu-erh Tea

Wouldn't it be quite heavenly to live in a house that smells like tea? And by this I mean the fabric of the house itself. Tea offers an aroma that is generally delicate, often complex—perhaps faintly sweet or fruity or spicy or earthy or malty or a mingling of attributes. The fragrance alone seems to transfer … Continue reading A House with the Aroma of Pu-erh Tea