Boseong Green Tea, South Korea

The Decline and Renewal of Tea in Korea When tea is part of a country's culture early on, it's interesting that it can fade from popularity. But such was the case in Korea, when Confucianism displaced Buddhism. Ramifications were culture-changing. The Choson Dynasty made a big push to eliminate Buddhist influence in all aspects of … Continue reading Boseong Green Tea, South Korea

Korean Green Tea

Receiving new tea—especially something you've never tried—is always exciting! Last month, my daughter and son-in-law surprised me with a gift set of green tea from Teas Unique of South Korea. Although tea has been grown in Korea for ages, I've had only South Korean tisanes (ginger, ginseng, citron, and barley), and one actual tea, the … Continue reading Korean Green Tea

Roasted Barley Tea

Barley is something that I think about only when making soup, yet it's among the top five crops grown worldwide. And although barley didn't reach the American shores until 1494, it's one of the world's oldest cultivated grains, documented archaeologically as early as 8000 BC. And not just consumed as food—barley was used to make … Continue reading Roasted Barley Tea