COVID-19 Research Includes Tea

Wouldn't it be nice if a cure or treatment for COVID-19 were something simple, something already sitting in our homes just waiting to be discovered? Something as simple as a cup of tea? Well, reality is rarely uncomplicated or easy, especially when it comes to fighting viruses that are tough, adaptive, and tenacious. So if … Continue reading COVID-19 Research Includes Tea

Amid This Pandemic, a Look at Tea and Its Effect on Viruses

I find it interesting that, when investigating viruses, researchers often turn to tea—possibly to drink, but generally as something to analyze. It's way too early to know if this will hold true for COVID-19, but here are a few examples of how tea and its abundant polyphenols have been studied and may someday be part … Continue reading Amid This Pandemic, a Look at Tea and Its Effect on Viruses

Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Living in a country where "matcha" too often means sweetened matcha lattes, how amazing to read about a place in Japan that offers matcha gelato—in seven levels of bitterness! If it weren't for Japan being a pricy 13+ hour journey from Michigan, I'd be sampling gelato today! Because matcha gelato is really fantastic. Actually, matcha … Continue reading Matcha, and Embracing Tea’s Bitterness

Why You Must Pay Attention to Water Temperature When Making Tea. Really.

Having looked at how (and if) water itself impacts the flavor of your tea (see post), what about its temperature? Does that matter? Yep, it matters.  A lot. Even back in the year 780 when Lu Yu wrote the still-classic The Classic of Tea. Tea master Lu Yu specified his method in great detail. Water (ideally from … Continue reading Why You Must Pay Attention to Water Temperature When Making Tea. Really.

Tea: A Magic Elixir?

Seemingly every month there is a newly discovered health benefit to drinking tea, often green tea. Shouted from headlines, people sometimes think that they should start drinking tea—specifically green tea—even if they dislike it! So should they? Researchers tackle this very question in various ways. For example, they might first evaluate tea drinkers against a … Continue reading Tea: A Magic Elixir?

Drink Tea! Lose Weight?

best tea for weight loss! weight-loss teas!! drink tea to lose weight!!! What's not to love about that? Drink what I love and lose weight at the same time?! Except for the fact that I drink tea all day long and have not experienced any notable weight loss. And the fact that I am always skeptical of … Continue reading Drink Tea! Lose Weight?

Milk in Tea?

Add milk? Good heavens, no! Adulterate an excellent cup of tea?! Except, of course, a lot of people—perfectly fine people, friends of mine even—prefer to add milk to their tea. And they are certainly entitled to do this. But can I use science to support my strict No-Milk policy? Well, like most things, answers are neither clear-cut nor simple. … Continue reading Milk in Tea?

Myth: Green Tea Is Healthier than Black Tea

I hear it all the time: green tea has more health benefits than does black tea. Yes, green tea is extremely beneficial for us. . . . but so is black tea. And oolong. And white. So why do people think that green tea is healthier?    If we think about how and where and why … Continue reading Myth: Green Tea Is Healthier than Black Tea

Can You Re-infuse Black Tea?

Can You Re-infuse Black Tea? No.* End of story. *Okay, two, maybe three, exceptions Really? Basically, yes. I'll get to those exceptions—but first let me repeat: most black teas—even high-quality loose leaf teas—cannot be satisfactorily re-brewed Yes, I know that you can get something out of those leaves. Maybe even something drinkable. But good? Nah. Stick … Continue reading Can You Re-infuse Black Tea?

Does Caffeine Protect Against Dementia?

A Moving Target Health claims and dietary guidelines seem about as stable as Michigan weather—wait a moment and things'll change. That Perhaps Hasn't Moved Far Enough But sometimes, guidelines should change. Consider this: Although study after study has demonstrated the many benefits of tea and coffee, our federal dietary guidelines for Americans for 2015–2020 first say "when choosing … Continue reading Does Caffeine Protect Against Dementia?