World’s Tea Industry: February 2022

When "supply chain" is part of our everyday language rather than remaining confined to, say, auto part suppliers, we know that we're in unprecedented times. There's a spotty availability of random items—a baffling lack of certain paint finishes, a maple syrup producer can't get the customized jugs ordered months earlier. Raw materials are sometimes pricier … Continue reading World’s Tea Industry: February 2022

Some Cautiously Good News for Darjeeling Tea Gardens?

After months of bad news for Darjeeling tea aficionados (see my October post), some promising headlines: (1) apparently the months-long closure of the tea gardens—resulting in an extended period of neglect—may be beneficial to the tea plants, and (2) people who love Darjeeling tea don't scare away easily! So How Is Neglect a Good Thing? When … Continue reading Some Cautiously Good News for Darjeeling Tea Gardens?