Caffeine/Theanine Ratio in Tea: Why It Matters, and Why It’s So Hard to Measure

I recently read an online article, supposedly vetted by experts, that claimed that white tea has no caffeine. Yeah. Add that to misleading articles arguing that x tea has less—or maybe more—caffeine than y tea and you understand why people are confused about caffeine levels in tea. To be sure, discussing caffeine in tea is … Continue reading Caffeine/Theanine Ratio in Tea: Why It Matters, and Why It’s So Hard to Measure

The Role of Tea and Caffeine in Headaches and Migraine

The Question You have an excruciating headache. Someone tells you to have a cup of tea. Do you want to comply or do you want to throw the kettle at them? Well, anyone who's had a really bad headache might try something as simple as having tea. It may, after all, alleviate the pain. But … Continue reading The Role of Tea and Caffeine in Headaches and Migraine

Is Sun Tea a Good Idea?

I just saw yet another recipe for sun tea—made by putting tea leaves or tea bags into a container full of cold water and then letting the thing sit in the sun for a few hours to brew. But sun tea is a terrible idea! And although this particular article (Carr 6/1/20) claims that bacterial … Continue reading Is Sun Tea a Good Idea?

Sediment in Your Tea?

Ever wonder why sometimes there's a bit of sediment in your tea cup? Or speculate as to what exactly it is? Since customers evidently prefer that their tea beverages be clear rather than murky, manufacturers of ready-to-drink tea beverages have long looked into tea sediment, which forms simply from the binding of polyphenols to proteins … Continue reading Sediment in Your Tea?

How Tea Is Decaffeinated

Caffeine Most people have an opinion about it! Some of us require a dose (or two!) before facing our day whereas others avoid it. And many of us—to ensure that we aren't counting sheep all night—eschew caffeine in the evenings. So, How DO You Get Caffeine Out of Tea? Actually, it's rather tricky. Tea's caffeine rival—coffee—is a bit more straightforward in this regard. … Continue reading How Tea Is Decaffeinated

Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

Eating matcha cookies lowers stress! This is according to bona fide scientists. Yeah yeah we all know that tea can reduce stress, but did you get the cookies part?! When I'm stressed, I eat cookies. Lots of cookies. Especially my own made-from-scratch cookies. Usually with a cup of tea. But now I have scientific proof to … Continue reading Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

Caffeine: You Think It, You Feel It?

In The Music Man, Professor Harold Hill charmingly dupes the River City populace. He first takes their money for musical instruments and then purports to teach their kids how to play said instruments. . . . by telling the kids to simply think of the notes . . . and then play them. With Professor … Continue reading Caffeine: You Think It, You Feel It?

Tea Claims. Are You Being Misled?

Just read a brief article listing the "four international tea trends" and found this somewhat misleading assertion: Matcha tea, which is popular in China and Japan, is a green tea packed with potassium, magnesium, fiber and vitamins A and C. It also contains L-theanine, an amino acid said to produce a calming effect while still … Continue reading Tea Claims. Are You Being Misled?

Tea in the Poison Garden

Tea. In the Poison Garden. In Ireland, land of tea drinkers. Apparently recklessly risking their lives, in 2016 the Irish drank more tea per capita than any other country except Turkey! So after being taken aback by the skull and crossbones, I did read the rest of the sign: The 'cup that cheers but not … Continue reading Tea in the Poison Garden