World’s Tea Industry, as Pandemic Drags On

While pandemic fatigue has certainly set in, most of us are still forced to deal with it—whether learning that our child's school has closed once again due to staffing shortages, or needing yet another COVID test, or finding out that {fill in blank} is out of stock indefinitely. The tea world has been hard hit … Continue reading World’s Tea Industry, as Pandemic Drags On

Greek Mountain (Shepherd’s) Tea

Selling a house is stressful. Selling a beloved house filled with joyful moments is even more difficult. Selling such a house due to circumstances and not desire is harder still. Yet here we are, in such a position within my family. And as the house lingers on the market, stress levels are, well, you can … Continue reading Greek Mountain (Shepherd’s) Tea

Comparing Tieguanyin Roasted Oolong Teas

Same tea plants, same tea name, different teas! I previously compared two Tieguanyin oolongs—Modern Green Roast Grade II and Traditional Green Roast—from Life in Teacup, a company specializing in Chinese teas (see post). They kindly provided me with five Tieguanyin teas in all, so today I continued my exploration of Tieguanyin (or Tie Guan Yin; … Continue reading Comparing Tieguanyin Roasted Oolong Teas

Fireweed Tea

We are bombarded with health claims about various herbal teas but, unfortunately, few of these claims have been conclusively substantiated by comprehensive research studies. However, what about fireweed? It's a fascinating plant. The Plant Native to much of North America (with related plants native to Europe), fireweed is well adapted for survival. As its name … Continue reading Fireweed Tea

Oriental Beauty Oolong: The Name, the Science, the Tea

Since teas from Vietnam are spotty as far as purity and quality go, I was excited when TeaHaus was able get the oolong Oriental Beauty. But interestingly, many things come to play with this tea—its potentially problematic name, the role of pests, the source, and of course the quality of the tea itself. Here's a … Continue reading Oriental Beauty Oolong: The Name, the Science, the Tea

Comparing Tieguanyin Green Oolong Teas

Although trying a new tea is always fun, sometimes you discover more when you compare a couple of teas. Today I tried two oolongs kindly provided by Life in Teacup, a company specializing in Chinese teas. Both are Anxi Tieguanyin (or Tie Guan Yin) oolongs, one Modern Green Roast Grade II and the other Traditional … Continue reading Comparing Tieguanyin Green Oolong Teas

The World’s Tea Industry: Fall 2021 Snaphots

As fallout from the pandemic continues, many in the tea industry are using new tactics to maintain and increase their customer base; are adjusting to a changing market, especially as supply chain and shipping continue to be problematic; and are looking for ways to reduce production costs. According to shipping company DHL, ports are again … Continue reading The World’s Tea Industry: Fall 2021 Snaphots

Goldenrod Tea

A Brief Look at Goldenrod Beautiful plumes of goldenrod now adorn our fields, signaling summer's ebb. Long blamed for allergies, this vibrant flower has been falsely maligned. The concurrently blooming ragweed—with unassuming green flowers—is most likely the actual culprit. Meanwhile, goldenrod's showy flowers provide nectar to butterflies (including monarchs) and both nectar and pollen to bees, … Continue reading Goldenrod Tea

The Evolution of Tea Strainers

Simplest is often best. Less to figure out, less to maintain, less to break.  Take the tea strainer, for instance. All you really need is something that separates tea leaves from liquid. A fork or spoon will often do the job. And the small spouts of Chinese clay teapots, the type of pot that predates … Continue reading The Evolution of Tea Strainers

Getting Great Tea into Restaurant Menus

One of the savviest restaurant servers I've ever had was the fabulous woman who, after hearing us nix our young daughter's request for soda, charmed our daughter by asking if she instead wanted "H2O on the rocks." Wow, would she ever! Our daughter was absolutely thrilled, especially when the iced water arrived in a fancy … Continue reading Getting Great Tea into Restaurant Menus