What Teas Make Great Iced Tea?

We are halfway through National Iced Tea Month. Did you notice? Do you care? Between doing your job while maneuvering office politics, paying bills, making sure your family is fed, tracking social obligations, and repairing car and house, simply keeping up pretty much consumes June! Yet, here we are in mid-June, with summer officially arriving this week, making this, actually, … Continue reading What Teas Make Great Iced Tea?


Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

Eating matcha cookies lowers stress! This is according to bona fide scientists. Yeah yeah we all know that tea can reduce stress, but did you get the cookies part?! When I'm stressed, I eat cookies. Lots of cookies. Especially my own made-from-scratch cookies. Usually with a cup of tea. But now I have scientific proof to … Continue reading Lower Your Stress: Eat Matcha Cookies

What Is Japanese Kuki Hojicha?

The NRDC claims that "up to 40 percent of the food in the United States is never eaten," which is staggering, especially when you consider how many people worldwide, including in the U.S., don't have enough to eat. We ought to emulate those cultures that avoid waste as much as possible, either by necessity—such as … Continue reading What Is Japanese Kuki Hojicha?

What Is Japanese Hojicha?

Love Japanese green teas? Or hate them? If you're simply not a fan of the vegetal nature of steamed Japanese green teas—perhaps deeming them seaweed-y or even swampy—you really ought to at least try hojicha (or houjicha). You will find that it is quite different! From the photo here, you can already see that these are … Continue reading What Is Japanese Hojicha?

Cool Down—with HOT Tea?

With Memorial Day kicking off summer here in Michigan, we're already looking for ways to keep cool. Many of us envision this:  However, having grown up with a sun-sensitive redheaded mom, I know the drill: lightweight long-sleeved shirts and pants, brimmed hat, avoid the sun, and drink hot tea.Later in life, an archaeologist friend reinforced … Continue reading Cool Down—with HOT Tea?

Caffeine: You Think It, You Feel It?

In The Music Man, Professor Harold Hill charmingly dupes the River City populace. He first takes their money for musical instruments and then purports to teach their kids how to play said instruments. . . . by telling the kids to simply think of the notes . . . and then play them. With Professor … Continue reading Caffeine: You Think It, You Feel It?