Matcha and Its Charms

A young adult friend of mine was recently bemoaning the current generation of hipsters that is commandeering and mainstreaming so many things—those previously non-mainstream items or lifestyle choices that she and her friends have valued for a long time. She feels a bit put-out when the hipsters take credit for “discovering” something that she has known about “forever.”

But on the upside, she added—that means that the matcha products she loves are more readily available!

Yes, matcha is everywhere!

And if you haven’t tried it, now is an excellent time—not just to join the hipsters, but because matcha has gone mainstream for good reason! It’s delicious and healthy, and making the beverage requires some graceful accessories and ceremony.

artwork, borderBamboo whisk (chasen), with copper bamboo stem and leaf embellishments; bamboo matcha scoop (chashaku); copper teacup and saucer (copper artwork by Kristin Rheinheimer).

And TeaHaus’ matcha French macarons are always a customer favorite, whether enjoyed alone or with tea.

matcha composite smaller

For more information on matcha, see Bon Appétit‘s “Matcha Culture: Everything You Need to Know About the Next Big Thing in Tea,” Health‘s “7 Things You Should Know About Matcha,” or NPR’s Tea Tuesday.

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