Fireweed Tea

We are bombarded with health claims about various herbal teas but, unfortunately, few of these claims have been conclusively substantiated by comprehensive research studies. However, what about fireweed? It's a fascinating plant. The Plant Native to much of North America (with related plants native to Europe), fireweed is well adapted for survival. As its name … Continue reading Fireweed Tea

What Is Hibiscus Tea?

What is hibiscus? And why might this flower be important—that is, besides their spectacularly large and showy blooms, as in this dinner-plate-sized specimen!? First off, hibiscus ranks as one of the top traded herbal products (by volume), both locally and internationally, with an estimated 60,000 metric tons produced annually, and the U.S. and Germany being … Continue reading What Is Hibiscus Tea?

Olive Tea Anyone?

It was just announced that olive tea will soon be available in the U.K. and Europe. Yep, leaves from the same tree that yields olives and olive oil. About ten years ago, Rajasthan, located in northwestern India, began to grow olives, with  technological assistance from Israel. The climate was suitable, and they devised machinery that … Continue reading Olive Tea Anyone?

What Is Honeybush Tea? A Treat!

Honeybush. The name itself sounds sweet and pleasant. Honeybush (Cyclopia sp.)—also known as mountain or cape tea—probably takes its name from its yellow, honey-scented flowers. Native to South Africa, there are 23 documented species of honeybush, each thriving in a specific environment, from coastal to mountainous. Today, 70% of the honeybush produced comes from these … Continue reading What Is Honeybush Tea? A Treat!

What Is Rooibos Tea?

ROOIBOS: Truly a Red Tea! If you haven't had rooibos yet, now is the time—especially if you are looking for a delicious tea that doesn't have caffeine. Well, actually it's a tisane Although rooibos is commonly called "tea," it is really an herbal tisane. While true tea is produced with Camellia senensis, rooibos (Aspalathus linearis) … Continue reading What Is Rooibos Tea?

What Is the Difference between Fruit Tea and a Tisane?

I peer out the window: and stroll through my yard: and check out the woods behind my house: Yep, definitely iced tea season in Michigan! And because beautiful days call for beautiful teas, I pull out some plum fruit tea. This tea has it all: lustrous ruby red color fruity aroma strong, tangy plum flavor And this fruit tea, available from … Continue reading What Is the Difference between Fruit Tea and a Tisane?

What Tea Do I Drink for a Cold and Congestion?

Kapha—the last of the three Ayurvedic herbal teas—is undoubtedly the most unforgettable of the three! Powerful and peppery, it packs a punch! (Perhaps not for the faint of heart!!) Which cleanses your sinuses when you are really congested. And is also great iced! The Kapha dosha is the energy that forms our body's structure and … Continue reading What Tea Do I Drink for a Cold and Congestion?

What Tea Do I Drink for a Fever?

So having drunk lots of Vata herbal tea for my sore throat—hoping to stave off anything worse—no such luck. Fever sets in. And next in line of the three Ayurvedic herbal teas is Pitta. Pitta is one of my favorite herbals, with or without a virus brewing! This pretty tea includes green mint and raspberry leaves … Continue reading What Tea Do I Drink for a Fever?

What Tea Do I Drink for a Sore Throat?

It is never a good time to succumb to any nasty virus making the rounds. I mean never! While the being-sick part is bad enough, the feeling-better-and-then-looking-at-the-[insert your nemesis here]-piled-up is enough to drive anyone back to bed. But for those of us in the sore throat phase of some virus, what tea do we reach for? … Continue reading What Tea Do I Drink for a Sore Throat?